Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review! Black Panther: Secret Invasion

Dear Losers,

Below you will find the final installment of my Black Panther trade reviews. Thanks for bearing with me, and as always I appreciate any thoughts and/or comments.

Love, Your BOI


  1. Glad to hear this trade was more worthwhile than the beginning of Hudlin's run. Sounds like you can read it independent of any of the other Secret Invasion junk as well, so I might do just that. The Skrull general subplot sounds interesting since it seems a lot like a comic Jason Aaron did called The Other Side. It was set during the Vietnam War and told the story of a battle from both the American and Vietnamese perspectives.

    Also, that is quite possibly the scariest puppet I've ever seen, haha.

  2. I think you should check it out for fun. I've read about the Other Side and how Aaron researched like crazy for it.

    I'm laughing at the responses to the puppet. It's telling me a lot about all my viewers.