Saturday, October 30, 2010

8 Year Old Punisher

Hey everyone, it's your best friend and master of exaggeration, Kello, with a look back at one of my fondest childhood memories- the time in 2nd grade when I went as the Punisher for Halloween. Overall what makes this memory so great is that for an 8 year old, the costume is totally inappropriate. At the time the Punisher was huge, appearing in as many comics as Deadpool does nowadays. The Dolph Lundgren version of the movie had recently gone to VHS, and Frank Castle fever was sweeping all of comic fandom. It was all so grim and gritty.

The day I wore the costume to school, no one really thought much of it, mostly because nobody knew who I was supposed to be. And then the kicker (and this is no lie), my teacher went as Daredevil. Greatest public school Halloween party ever.I actually remember feeling really conflicted, because my Marvel Cards at home told me that Daredevil and Punisher were mortal enemies, but in real life I really liked my 2nd Grade teacher.

Flash forward to 6pm that night. My mom rushes home to take my brother and I trick or treating at the local mall (we figured they would give out cooler stuff than the cold and rainy neighborhood). As you can tell by my makeshift Simpsons pillow case candy bag, my tastes in entertainment have not matured at all.

The mall was kind of a bust, but I got this great picture out of it....
I'm so going to sneak up and slit their throats. Die, Sebastian twins! (or whatever the eff you're suppsoed to be!)

I look at all this stuff now and think that I would never let my kids watch the Simpsons, dress up as the Punisher, and go around freaking people out on Halloween. So thanks mom and dad, for letting me do whatever I wanted to.

And just think, only 3 years earlier I went as this loser.....


  1. Haha, this is a very awesome post Kello. Awesome pictures, and glad to see your comic geekdom is a lifelong thing. By the way, Superman to Punisher? MAAAAJOR downgrade :-P

  2. Yeah it's amazingly depressing to look back at how much comics have been a part of my sad, sheltered, waste of existence.

    As far as downgrades and such ,the year after I went as a bunny (photo not found...),then a devil, then a demon, then Old Obi-Wan from the first star wars(I would have posted thhat if I weren't so fat in the pic), so I really ran the gamut of costume choices.

  3. Awww Kello. I swear I commented on this yesterday, but anywhooo, this is just too adorkable!! lol. I can see you now walking around thinking your bad ass and demanding candy. Lol.

  4. What I don't understand is why you would need a mask to be the Punisher, when he's a character who doesn't wear a mask at all. :P