Sunday, October 17, 2010

Audio Review- Black Panther: The Client

Hey everyone, it's your super ultra awesome and humble friend Kello. As promised, here is the first of my 3 Black Panther reviews. Let me know what you think of T'Challa, as well as my dead-on Black Panther impersonation near the end of the video! Long Live awkward white guys in the hood, and Long Live the Legion!


  1. That dude had some screwy teeth, like he'd been eating pumpkins or something. As for Everett K.(ello) Ross and T'Challa's team up seems pretty cool. The review is pretty fun as always since I like to listen to them because it seems like a break away from the norm around the blog sites.

  2. Good work Kello, this is great! This was one of the first trades I ever read (sometime in 2002, probably) and it floored me at the time, although after I read it again a few weeks ago my feelings were more similar to yours. It definitely does read as if you were meant to read an issue a month rather than all five or six in a row.

    I actually like the non-sequential story-telling a lot for this book, as I think it's pretty successful in building an ominous tone. I remember feeling a legitimate sense of dread the first time I read it whenever the story would cut to Ross's scene with the "Devil." Of course, that only makes Black Panther's arrival all the better when he finally shows up.

    Also, I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of "Who Is The Black Panther?" It basically reads like Marvel forgot to tell Hudlin that he wasn't allowed to do whatever he wanted with the character...for example, rebooting his origin as if it were taking place at the current time of the Marvel Universe!

  3. JT- Thanks for listening. I'm glad you mentioned that this is a little different than all the other blog stuff, because that's what I'm going for. In the famous words of America's most celebrated Commander-in-Chief, "Mission Accomplished."

    Marc- I agree with you about the non-sequential storytelling building up really well to the moment when T'Challa saves the day. It just surprised me to read the same text over and over again. I thought my trade had a printing defect.

    I'm about 5 issues into "Who is the Black Panther", and I'm completely amazed at the actions of a majority of the characters. Black Knight is the character that's leaving me scratching my head the most. If JRjr wasn't on art....I'll save those thoughts for later.