Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm a big kid now!

Okay, so I've finally got the guts to blog. And I've been enjoying one of the best cartoons ever with JT. So I decided what the hell, why not make myself a current top 5 favorite cartoon post. 

    Dragon Ball Z: Kai- Nicktoons

    Adventure Time- Cartoon Network

    The Misadventures of Flapjack-Cartoon Network

   Johnny Test- Cartoon Network

    Kick Buttowski-Disney XD

I swear I'm the biggest kid you'll know. These shows make me happy. They are just so freaking funny and action filled. What are some of your favorite cartoons? I know you have some! :)

Signing off.
-Falisha Ann


  1. Epic Post! As someone who loves all those shows (Minus Johnny Test :P) I can't disagree with your picks at all. If I had to add some that you didn't they'd be Older Simpson episodes, Futurama, Titan Maximum (if that counts), Spectaular Spider-Man and King of the hill!

  2. Thank you thank you. It's taken a while to get some great cartoons but they are totally worth it. And I agree with your picks. Especially older Simpson episodes and King of the Hill.

  3. Well thanks. :D I'd say outta the ones you picked I'd recommend them to anyone because their awesome, especially Adventure Time and Kick Buttowski!

  4. Are these all on TV right now? I figure they must be fairly recent because I haven't heard of them (other than Dragonball/Dragonball Z). Thanks for the recommendations though...I don't have cable anymore, so the likelihood of my even hearing about shows like these has gone completely down the drain!

  5. Yeah their all on tv currently, and DBZ Kai is regular DBZ but they cut all the useless stuff and cut it down from like 370 episodes to 100 episodes.

  6. What is Adventure Time? Is it a kids cartoon, or an Adult Swim type show?

  7. Yeah it's a kid's cartoon. Comes on usually at 8 on like Monday's or Thursdays. Sometimes both. Pretty funny.