Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December? Since When?

Happy December! If you're anything like me, you can't believe it's almost officially Winter. Icy windshields, slippery roads, and prayers for snow days are right around the bend. To be honest, part of me loves the entire frigid season. I like the feeling of bundling up and fighting the elements, gathering with loved ones on chilly evenings for awkward Christmas parties, and of course having a big chunk of time off for holiday break. So in the spirit of celebration, I'd like to present you with 2 things I'm really looking forward to this month:
Item #1.) Awesome Ornaments- While I can't have my own tree due to the inevitability of my cats destroying it, I've been spending time over the past few days dreaming up what a "Kello style" X-Mas tree may resemble. I know it would be the cheapest, fakest, ugliest tree you can imagine (purchased from a place not unlike Family Dollar), and would include the following ornaments:

I've also heard of people making ornaments out of the Blackest Night promo rings from last year, and I think that may be a spiffy way to make the holidays a little nerdier.

Item #2) KELLSIES! - You read that right, it's almost time for my favorite annual blog post. Although Hello Kello is no more, the Kellsies will continue on through this very site. As usual, the 2010 edition will be full of no-nonsense (ok, it's all nonsense) summations of the very best and worst of the comics I got my clammy mitts on over the past 11 or so months. I hope to have it up sometime around December 20th, so be on the look out!
Well, those are two things on my mind as we enter this new season. My question to everyone out there is, what are you looking forward to as Old Man Winter comes to town?


  1. Ahh yes, the year end reviews... That's something I know I'm looking forward to doing. I've even been brainstorming a few catagories! It's never too early for those year end reviews! Besides that, I'm of course looking forward to the end of the current semester!

    Glad to hear that the Kellsies will live on here at the LoL blog. Although I know I wouldn't mind seeing them show up at HK for a special one time only sort of post...

  2. Definitely looking forward to having time to read for fun again. And believe me, I intend to make the most of that time and read a TON! :D

  3. I think EVERYONE looks forward to Winter. Althought colleges don't like giving snow days I wake up every morning hoping for one. Lol. And I have a Hallmark Batmobile with Batman and Robin inside! Although we don't do the Christmas tree thing anymore, I still like going through our collectible ornaments. I would love a Wonder Woman one.

    Buuut anyways, I'm looking forward to the year end blog. :) Going to be loads of fun. :)

  4. looking forward to new comics for christmas!

  5. New comics for Christmas indeed! I'm hoping to get another Marvel Omnibus (which would bring my count to 13!), and hopefully a couple smaller trades like The 'Nam or Dark Horse's recent collections of Marvel's original Star Wars series.

  6. I agree Marc I can't wait to complete my crossover collection!